Australia examines use of hemp extracts to treat anxiety, seizures

Pharmacologists at the University of Sydney in Australia have found tantalising clues as to why low-dose CBD products containing a full-spectrum of cannabinoids seem to have therapeutic impacts at relatively low doses.

The study shows cannabinoids in a cannabis extract interact to produce much higher concentrations of cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) in the bloodstream than when CBDA is administered alone as a single molecule.

In fact, the cannabis extract delivered 14-times higher CBDA concentrations in the bloodstream when administered orally to mice.

Low-dose CBD products appear to reduce anxiety and are anticonvulsant agents against seizures. But it remains unclear how these products produce these results.


What Is Rockwool And Why Is It A New Buzzword In The Marijuana Industry?

Aside from the fact that it prevents the multiplication of pathogens, it also helps the seeds germinate, thus facilitating good drainage.

Rockwool is a fantastic method for growing marijuana. With Rockwool, you can have the strain you choose through the cannabis cycle as growers of all levels utilize different hydroponics for harvesting heavier yields. If you haven’t tried Rockwool, it is time to hop on the trend.


Making CBD That Works

Bioavailability is a term growing in popularity like the rise in CBD, but why is it so important and does it really make a difference? Bioavailability is the amount of an active ingredient that absorbs into the blood stream allowing for the ingredient to effectively activate in the body. Supplements like vitamin C have little issue absorbing into the blood stream and activating in the body because they are considered water soluble; however, supplements like vitamin D3, omega 3, curcuminoids and cannabinoids like CBD have difficulties absorbing in the body because they are fat soluble. This means they do not dissolve well in hydrophilic (water-loving) media, like say the human body.


Medibis raises funds for research and cultivation facility, sets eyes on huge medicinal cannabis market

cannabis plant

Medibis partnership with Israel-based cannabis company is the first step towards launching a cannabis product in Australia, and building its cultivation facility in Toowoomba.

Homegrown medicinal cannabis company, Medibis, is about to launch a range of cannabis medicines on the Australian market, following its efforts to raise funds via the crowd funding platform, Birchal.  The company is also set to embark on research into cannabinoid-based medicines and says it’s excited about the prospect of discovering new treatments.

Medibis has also announced long-term plans to build a medicinal cannabis facility in Toowoomba, Queensland, as it sets eyes on the lucrative multi-billion dollar medicinal cannabis industry.


What cannabis users need to know before travelling to Canada

man standing in airport

How to travel to Canada with existing cannabis convictions and avoid new ones.

Offences involving cannabis can have a serious impact on one’s ability to enter Canada.

In 2018, Canada legalized buying and using recreational cannabis. While weed is now legal, it is also strictly regulated. Cannabis-related charges could potentially hurt a foreign national’s ability to immigrate or travel to Canada.

Here are some of Canada’s marijuana regulations, as well as some options for overcoming inadmissibility for cannabis users who have gotten in trouble with the law.


Australian Scientists Unlock Medical Cannabis Genetic Code

Australia’s Victorian government says Agriculture Victoria Research scientists have developed the world’s most complete medicinal cannabis genomic reference.

The organisation has been licensed by the Australian Government to undertake medicinal cannabis research. Agriculture Victoria scientists turned their expertise in genomic DNA testing to develop new tools enabling the extraction of genetic information from various medical cannabis strains from around the world, which has been entered into a database.


Updated Guide To Cannabis Laws Around The World

Gradually, people are becoming aware of the value cannabis offers, making it possible for countries and regions to accept and legalize cannabis.

Continentally, cannabis is decriminalized and allowed for medical use in several regions of North America, Africa, Australia, Europe, and South America. But it remains prohibited in Middle Eastern countries and Asia. It is essential for every individual that uses cannabis to have an understanding of these cannabis laws, especially if they are traveling or relocating to another country.

This article is a collection and a quick guide of cannabis laws around the world. So whenever you are visiting a new region, you should have a quick look to determine if you can freely take cannabis while in that region or not.


Hemp Processing Starts In Western Australia’s South-West

The Margaret River Hemp Processing facility has begun processing locally grown hemp crops into materials for the building, textile and other industries.

Margaret River is a town of some 6,400 people situated around 270 kilometres by road south of Perth. While already known for craft breweries and wineries in the region, a new industry is being established – hemp.

The first facility of its type in Western Australia and possibly the first in Australia, establishing the Margaret River Hemp Processing has been supported by $399,000 from the McGowan Government’s Value Add Agribusiness Investment Attraction Fund and Industrial Hemp Grants Scheme.


The Australian cannabis market is opening up, 5 years after landmark legal changes.

Cannabis leaf

Experts and business say it's still too difficult to access.

Five years after landmark legal changes, Australian companies say the market is finally reaching a point where providing people safe and easy access to cannabis is actually possible.

In the US, where the legal frameworks around production and sale differ by state, the projected market value for medical cannabis is estimated to exceed US$13 billion by 2025.

While Australia has progressed — albeit slowly — since medical cannabis products became legal, experts believe there’s a fine line between a well-regulated market and one that’s keeping a now-legal product from those for whom it could benefit.


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