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Medical Marijuana Packaging Market – Advancements and Innovations Driving Global Market

Medical marijuana can be defined as the use of cannabis for treatment of certain ailments. It can be utilized for medicinal uses; however, the complete safety and efficacy profiling is till unavailable. Medical marijuana is available in various forms such as flower or concentrates, which is extracted in the form of oils, extracts or edibles. Packaging medical marijuana is a growing business and many companies offer holistic solutions to medical marijuana manufacturers. The key packaging modes available in the market include,


Kenyans Advised to Legalise Weed If They Want to Succeed at Sprint Races Like Jamaica

Following various theories presented as to the true reason behind Jamaica's dominance in the sprint races, some little-known Kenyan researchers claim to have discovered what has long baffled many in both the academic and sports world.

After little research and a lot of speculation Prof. Wak Manyang' and Dr. Emalek Kiso have attributed marijuana as the reason why Jamaicans are so fast.

In a research paper titled 'Weed for Speed; The case for legalising Cannabis Sativa' the researchers claim that copying Jamaican habits such as their dance styles or even wearing Jamaican flag themed bracelets or bandanas will not help Kenya produce sprinters. Rather, the researchers argue, Kenyans must be allowed to grow, sell and liberally consume marijuana for sports reasons.


South Africa: Cannabis talk sparks lively debate

The speaker made a strong case for legalising the plant and for regulating its medical use

IF cannabis was a gateway drug, it was a gateway to better health, not a gateway to the use and abuse of more addictive substances.

This, Allan Morkel’s controversial point of view, kicked off what was one of most discussed and debated talks ever delivered from the Tuesday Rostrum podium.


The Hidden C in Malawi's Three Cs

There are three main drugs of abuse in Malawi, namely alcohol and Cannabis Sativa

The Malawi Government (GoM) uses what is called the drug scheduling system to declassify and classify drugs in the country.

Under the Dangerous Drugs Act of the Laws of Malawi, there are three schedules of controlled substances known as Parts which weigh a drug’s medical value and its abuse potential.

The GoM considers cannabis, raw and prepared, to have a potential for abuse and no medical value. The growing, possession and usage of cannabis is illegal in the country.

In this feature the author was examining the use of Cannabis amongst young people in Malawi.

Cannabis is famously known as “chamba” in the native language, Chewa.


Ghana Is 3rd Consumer of Marijuana Globally - Report

Ghana has dropped to 3rd on the 2015 global rankings of countries where Cannabis Sativa, popularly known as India Hemp or marijuana, is largely smoked or used.

Ghana, who only last year was cited in a United Nations 2014 Report as the number one consumer of the substance in the world, remains the 1st in Africa. The Upper East Regional Minister, Albert Abongo, disclosed this during this year’s celebration of the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.

Held in Bolgatanga, the Upper East regional capital, the event was themed: “Listen First: Drug Prevention among the Youth and Children.” It was organised by Life out of Alcohol and Drugs Ghana (LOAD Ghana) in collaboration with Basic Needs Ghana.


Mental Health Authority Fights Campaign to Legalise Cannabis in Ghana

Despite a subtle but unrelenting campaign by interest groups and civil society organisations for cannabis to be legalised in Ghana, the Mental Health Authority says the banned substance poses health hazards.

Chief Executive of the Authority, Dr Akwasi Osei, says cannabis also called Marijuana, weed, wee and host of other names especially poses severe threat to the mental health of people who use it.

Dr Osei was speaking to Joy News’ Latif Iddrisu on Sunday as the world marked Day Against Drug Abuse.

“If you take Marijuana in your teens when the brain is actively developing, you interfere with your ability to be motivated adequately, to judge adequately,” he said.


51 Things You Never Knew About Hemp

The world has had a long and complicated relationship with hemp.

It wasn’t until the twentieth century that hemp fell out of favor as one of the most important crops in the history of mankind. In 2016, however, anything is possible it seems.

So, it could be very soon where a variety of applications using hemp become economical, and hemp grows into a boon for society.

What was once a widespread plant became a taboo within decades. Its history shows it is useful for tens of thousands of applications and counting. 


Morocco: PAM Organizes International Conference on Cannabis Cultivation

Ilyass El Omari, President of the Regional Council of Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima, organized the first international conference on drugs and cannabis on 18 and 19 March in Tangier. 

Under the motto “All for Alternatives Based on Sustainable Development, Health and Human Rights,” elected officials, experts and scholars presented their views on the issue of cannabis plantations and alternatives available to local cultivators.


The Complicated History of Cannabis in the Islamic World

Although the Koran does not specifically outlaw cannabis, and it was apparently never mentioned by Mohammed himself, the plant and products made from it are still considered haraam (forbidden). However, cannabis grows and is processed into hashish in many Muslim-majority countries around the world, and it has been an undeniable part of the culture for centuries in many of these countries.  


Are We Really Ready to Legalize 'Wee' in Ghana

Our own Kofi Annan, the former Secretary General of the United Nations has made a suggestion on cannabis that has stunned many people in Ghana and elsewhere in the world. The soft spoken 2nd African after late Butros Butros Gali of Egypt to occupy the highest civil service position at the UN is noted for speaking more on democracy, security and good governance. However quite recently he veered surprisingly into pushing for the legalization of cannabis and other personal drugs with the advice that regulations must be put in place by governments to curtail their abuse.


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