Swift Capital

- The right funding can unleash the full potential of a business.

We believe that business owners should be able to access the money they need, when they need it, based on the strength of their business. The difficulty of getting a loan from a bank has not improved with the times - the process remains long, labor intensive, and uncertain.

- With data, technology, and great people, we created a better solution.

Our team understands where banks can let you down, and we are committed to building a better, smarter way. We use the latest technology combined with a team of Business Funding Experts to get our customers the best of both worlds: fast funding and personalized service.

- And, we're continually finding ways to improve.

We're always working to improve how we do things to make our customer's experience faster, simpler, and more helpful. We believe in the potential of small business, and we believe business owners should have the resources they need to reach that potential.

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