Sugar & Kush

All Sugar & Kush CBD oil products are derived from pure hemp oil, lab tested for the maximum benefits of CBD. These CBD products have no THC, so it will never get you high and you never have to worry about failing drug tests.

Beyond making sure to use high quality CBD, we make our products healthy, tasty and Keto friendly. We use best practices in extraction techniques and MCT coconut oil that is super tasty and help with CBD absorption. The CBD Tinctures come in CBD 500mg and CBD 1000mg strength.

            Sugar & Kush CBD Oil Tinctures Come in These Delicious Flavors:

●     Vanilla CBD Oil Tincture

●     Bubble Gum CBD Oil Tincture

●     Cotton Candy CBD Oil Tincture

●     Orange Creamsicle CBD Tincture

●     Hazelnut CBD Oil Tincture

●     Unflavored Pure CBD Oil Tincture

Sugar and Kush 500mg CBD Gummies

The Sugar & Kush Keto CBD gummies are a fun and easy way to take your CBD. All of our CBD gummy bears are also lab tested and low in sugar. Each gummy bear has 25mgs of CBD, so you can pack them up and take them to work or anywhere.  

Sugar and Kush CBD Baked Edibles

Sugar & Kush also offers CBD cookies and CBD brownies. These cookies and brownies are low-calorie and low-sugar but still super delicious.

CBD Oil Benefits

There is still a lot of research necessary to completely understand all of the CBD Oil benefits. We do know that adding CBD into your daily diet promotes the production of the naturally produced endocannabinoids made by everyone’s body. Here are some of the known benefits of CBD oil.

●     CBD for inflammation

●     CBD for seizures

●     CBD for sleep

●     CBD for anxiety

●     CBD for pain

●     CBD for stomach cramps

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