Best States for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

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California is the largest and most populous state where marijuana has been legalized for recreational use, and it is the state with the longest-lived medical marijuana program. Both recreational and medicinal dispensaries have generated several billions of dollars in sales, despite fighting a booming black market. Because taxes for recreational weed are exorbitant and driving many adult recreational users away, entrepreneurs in this state should seriously consider starting with a medicinal shop, which is subject to lower fees and taxes. Even better, there are many counties and municipalities that have banned recreational marijuana businesses but permit medical marijuana use, so entrepreneurs in this space have greater access to less saturated markets.


WA Medical Cannabis Partnership Announced

Some doctors in Western Australian and their patients should have easier and faster access to medical cannabis resulting from a deal signed between Jupiter Health Clinics and Montu.

Founded in 2011, Jupiter Health and Medical Services is a network of more than 300 doctors in 30 medical practices across the state, and is one of the largest networks of GPs in Western Australia.

Montu works with doctors in Australia to support them in developing pathways to medical cannabis access for their patients. It also has a brand of medical cannabis products called “Circle” that are produced as part of a white label agreement with Canadian licensed producer, Aleafia Health Inc.


Researchers: Cannabinoids May Impact Prescription Drug Effects

Penn State College of Medicine researchers have found products containing cannabinoids may have impacts on the effects of some conventional prescription drugs.

The researchers have put together a list of 57 medications that may not function as intended when used with cannabis products including medical cannabinoids, CBD oil and medical or recreational marijuana. This could involve prescription drugs not being as effective, or their effects boosted. All the prescription drugs listed have a narrow therapeutic index – meaning the doses are usually prescribed at levels high enough to be effective, but not at a level that could cause harm.


First Cannabis Export Allowed into Israel will Improve Patient Access


Tilray has signed an agreement for a 2.5 tonne export agreement with Canndoc to address growing demand for medical cannabis in Israel.

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