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Marijuana wax: A clear and present danger

St. Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson speaks at a news conference March 25 about the dangers of a concentrated marijuana extract known as butane hash oil.(Photo: Courtesy of Minnesota Department of Public Safety)

Story Highlights

  • Two teens overdosed in Duluth after using the drug
  • Marijuana wax doesn't produce an odor, making it harder to detect
  • Be aware of the signs of manufacturing or using Butane hash oil

Marijuana wax has been identified as a new threat to public safety in what seems to be a never-ending movement to find new ways to get high (or higher) on weed.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety issued a warning recently about the dangers of marijuana wax.


Zambia: No medicinal value in marijuana

MARIJUANA has no medicinal value and there is nothing good about it, an official of the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) has said.
Central Province DEC education and counselling officer Nellie Mumba has said youths should not be lured into thinking that marijuana, commonly known as chamba, is good.
“The effects of chamba are very bad,” Ms Mumba said.
Ms Mumba urged young people not to be tempted into testing any prohibited drug as they would “get hooked there and then”.
She said this on a KNC Radio One programme recently.
Ms Mumba said young people are being destroyed because marijuana has devastating effects on a person’s health.


Congressmen Say DOJ's Interpretation Of Their Medical Marijuana Amendment Is 'Emphatically ...

The lawmakers behind a recent congressional amendment protecting medical marijuana operations in states where the drug is legal strongly rebuked the Department of Justice for trying to continue to crack down on some medical marijuana businesses.


State ramps up pressure against Wichita marijuana initiative

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — Some lawmakers and state officials tried on Friday to rally opposition to a Wichita ballot initiative believed to be the first in Kansas that seeks to ease penalties for first-time possession of small amounts of marijuana.

A handful of legislators were joined by top state officials at a news conference to say the city has no legal authority to adopt an ordinance that conflicts with state law — even if voters approve the ballot initiative during Tuesday's local election.

"This is an illegal petition and an illegal referendum," said state Rep. Steve Brunk, a Republican lawmaker from Wichita.


'Shatter' Marijuana Seized In Pennsylvania 6 Times Stronger Than The Average Pot

A highly potent marijuana product called “shatter” was recently seized in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, as part of a drug bust on the home of 23-year-old Samual Schlenbaker, Lancaster Online reported Thursday. Shatter marijuana, considered the purest and most powerful weed product, often contains levels of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, six times stronger than the average pot.


Uncle Sam's Expanded Marijuana Menu

Just as the fear of privatization spurred Pennsylvania's state-run liquor monopoly to act more like a profit-oriented business, talk of allowing competition with Uncle Sam's marijuana monopoly seems to have encouraged a more customer-oriented attitude at the National Institute on Drug Abuse, which is currently the country's only legal source of cannabis for research. NIDA's recently revised online menu of marijuana available to qualifying researchers suggests the agency is aiming to please in new ways. "NIDA appears to finally be loosening longtime restrictions on cannabis research," says Allen St.


Northern Territory Police find marijuana buried in a leg of lamb

Would-be drug smugglers were roasted when police discovered marijuana hidden within a leg of lamb.

The slab of meat and its unusual herb accompaniment was found by police in the Northern Territory, after something smelled suspicious to the Northern Substance Abuse Intelligence Desk.

Officers then decided to x-ray the lamb, which revealed the 20g bag of marijuana.

Police discovered 20 grams of marijuana hidden within a leg of lamb in the Northern Territory

It is believed the lamb had been shipped to a company at Darwin Airport, and would then be sent on to the Tiwi Islands 100kms to the north.

The stash would have been worth $2000 if it had been sold, which is about four times the normal price of the drug in suburban Australia.


U.S.: Ex Drug Czar Bennett's New Book 'Going To Pot' Rails Against Legalization

In a sadly predictable development, the mortally wounded but still dangerous War On Cannabis has produced a new book from former drug czar William Bennett. Bennett's new nonsense-filled tome is called Going To Pot, and anyone who enjoys right wing moralizing, pseudo-scientific scare-mongering, and patent nonsense can certainly have a hell of a time with this piece of trash.

Bennett served as director of national drug control policy (drug czar) under President George H.W. Bush, and he's long been known for his obnoxious pronouncements and conservative backwardness, as well as tiresomely moralizing and practically unreadable volumes such as The Book of Virtues.


Marijuana Arrests In Colorado Down 95% Since Legalization, But Arrest Rates Still Twice As High ...

Arrests for possessing, growing and distributing pot have dropped significantly in Colorado since the state legalized marijuana in 2012, but black Coloradans are still far more likely to be arrested for such charges than whites. Although the number of overall marijuana arrests has plunged by 95 percent since 2010, the rate of arrests for blacks in the state remains 2.4 times higher than for whites, according to a study released last week by the New York City-based Drug Policy Alliance.


Advocates sobered by TN medical marijuana bill language

Many advocates were ready to support – until they found out what’s in it

In Jan. 2014, Bernie Ellis takes questions during a “lobby day” at the state legislature after briefing supporters who came find out what they could do to help get medical marijuana legalized in Tennessee.(Photo: Larry McCormack / THE TENNESSEAN)

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. – They didn’t have to pass it to find out what’s in it, but some advocates of medical marijuana were wondering if passing the Republican version was worth the wait after the legislation made it to the floor of the Tennessee House of Representatives on Tuesday.

The Leaf-Chronicle received a PDF copy of the legislation early Tuesday morning.


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