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IRS will refund fines to Denver pot shop that pays tax in cash

The Internal Revenue Service has backed away from a policy that penalized an unbanked marijuana business in Denver for paying taxes in cash, but the federal agency will not say if the approach applies industry-wide.

In a settlement with Denver-based Allgreens, a medical-marijuana dispensary that challenged the agency over its policy, the IRS said it would abate future penalties and will refund about $25,000 of fines the business was forced to pay despite having paid its federal employment withholding on time.


Do Jamaica's New Marijuana Laws Mean No More Trouble for Rastafarians?

KINGSTON, Jamaica—Attend any outdoor sound system party in Kingston and you are guaranteed to experience at least two things: loud, bass-thumping reggae and dancehall blasting from a gigantic stack of speakers, and clouds of marijuana smoke rising over the crowd. Like peanuts at a baseball game, the two go hand-in-hand, and it’s been that way for almost five decades.

While not everyone at the party is smoking, marijuana is usually easy to come by if you’re looking. Just stop one of the vendors who will be periodically walking through the crowd with 12-inch stalks, selling buds from the dried plant for $100 Jamaican dollars ($1).



A medical marijuana bill is quickly gaining steam in the Senate

More lawmakers are toking — er, signing — up their names to become co-sponsors of a bill that would legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes at a federal level.

Veteran Democrat Barbara Boxer, the longest-serving woman in Congress, added her name to a list of co-sponsors of the bill, according to Roll Call.


Medical Marijuana Insurance in Canada

Medical marijuana is going to cost us

And so the levee breaks.

The man to break it is called Jonathan Zaid.

A student at the University of Waterloo. An earnest, likeable young man with an almost unbelievable story to tell.

Although we always knew the person who would break the medicinal-marijuana-insurance-levee would have those qualities.

Earnest. Likable. An almost unbelievable story to tell.

Jonathan Zaid was diagnosed at the age of 14 with New Daily Persistent Headache (NDPH), a medical condition so poorly understood doctors debate everything from forms of treatment to whether it should be viewed as a syndrome or diagnosis.



A key component of Jamaica’s business community wants regional leaders to determine whether Washington would oppose efforts by the island to export locally produced marijuana to the U.S. for the medical industry when they meet with President Barack Obama in Jamaica early next month.

Both the White House and Jamaican Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller announced plans for the visit this week as Obama prepares to make his second official visit to a Caribbean trade bloc member state since taking office six years ago.

In 2009, he flew to Trinidad both to meet with leaders and to attend the hemispheric Summit of Americas which Trinidad had hosted also in April of that year.


Is Australia ready for medical marijuana?

A GREENS MLA has proposed a bold new plan to make Canberra the medical marijuana capital of Australia.

The legislative assembly is currently holding an inquiry into a bill containing a medical marijuana scheme proposed by minister Shane Rattenbury which is due to be ruled on by June 2015.

In the latest move by the minister, he has outlined a plan that would allow the ACT to develop a monopolised cannabis industry akin to Tasmania’s $120 million dollar poppy industry.

Mr. Rattenbury would like to see the ACT government granted an immediate exemption from the federal ban on importing the plant and is calling on the inquiry to allow Canberra businesses to begin developing a medical marijuana industry.


Colorado Marijuana Study Finds Legal Weed Contains Potent THC Levels

This is not your father's weed.

Colorado marijuana is nearly twice as potent as illegal pot of past decades, and some modern cannabis packs triple the punch of vintage ganja, lab tests reveal for the first time.

In old-school dope, levels of THC — the psychoactive chemical that makes people high — were typically well below 10 percent. But in Colorado's legal bud, the average THC level is 18.7 percent, and some retail pot contains 30 percent THC or more, according to research released Monday.


Galilee Farmers want to grow cannabis

Many Farmers in the North wish to export marijuana, a move that could increase their revenues tremendously.

Galilee Farmers want to grow medical cannabis, yet the Israeli government forbids it. The situation today is that only eight farmers have permission to grow cannabis: The government is opposed to increasing the number of licenses to the dismay of farmers who wish to increase their profits. Galilee Farmers are especially interested in exporting cannabis overseas. Dubi Amitay, President of the Israeli Farmers' Association added: "The State of Israel is preventing the export of Israeli cannabis, which could bring millions of dollars to the state and the farmers, I am not sure why they delay it."


Meet the Hemptress: Sincere advocate for the crop of the future

Ruth Fahrbacht bought a hemp guitar strap from a vendor in Kit Carson Park back in 1997 and loved its durability and strength.

“It was not like any other strap I had owned,” she said.

From that moment on, she started researching and learning as much as she could about hemp.

“I began to study hemp and marijuana relativity and irrelativity,” she says. “In the process, I found out the many uses of hemp.”

In 1998 she attended the first Hemp Expo in Santa Cruz, California.

In 1999, after returning from a hemp research trip to Thailand, Nepal, India and Tibet, Fahrbacht decided to create her own hemp company, Taos Hemp LLC.


Investing in the Marijuana Sector - SmallCap Investor Interview with Invest In MJ

Vin Maru from speaks with Joe Brunner from SmallCap Investor about the legal cannabis market, how investors can participate and the general outlook of the marijuana industry.

The interview was filmed at the PDAC 2015 Conference where Vin was invited to speak about the marijuana sector and provided strategies and opportunities for the investment community. 

Interview Topics include:


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