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Canopy Growth beverage head to depart amid sluggish drink sales

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The executive in charge of Canopy Growth Corp.'s global beverage unit is leaving less than a year after he joined the company, a high-level departure that comes as the pot giant looks to ramp up sales of cannabis-infused drinks to the Canadian recreational market. 

Andrew Rapsey joined Canopy in January and took on the role of global head of beverages in August. He announced in a LinkedIn post on Wednesday he is leaving the company and plans to return to Alphabet Inc.'s Google in 2021. 

"As I gear up for 2021, I have decided to head back to Google Canada for some unfinished business with a marketing team I adore," Rapsey said in the post. 


Will The Medical Marijuana Research Act Pass The House

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The House Will Vote On More Cannabis Legislation This Week


Canadian Hemp Acreage and Export Value Up More Than 20%

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According to the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance, Canada’s hemp acreage and export value are both up more than 20% this year.

“The Canadian hemp industry continues to grow in 2020 despite the challenges posed by COVID-19,” CHTA board chairman Keith Jones said in a statement after the group’s annual meeting, held online this year. “Canada seeded some 92,000 hemp acres in 2019, with exports exceeding $110 million Canadian dollars ($85 million).”


Scaling a Commercial Cannabis Grow Operation

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We know what you’re thinking: isn’t an article about “cannabis scalability” a bit premature? After all, we’re talking about an industry that’s still federally illegal. How could businesses plan for the future when marijuana laws are in constant flux? 

True, scalability is trickier in the cannabis sector, but that doesn’t mean business owners shouldn’t consider it. Cannabis may be a new industry, but it’s moving at a rapid pace. Competition in recreationally legal states is already intense, and you’d better believe established companies have a game plan for new markets. 


Cannabis companies launch vape recycling program

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A group of Canadian cannabis companies are working together to launch a national vape recycling program that will help consumers dispose vape hardware safely and responsibly.

48North, Aurora Cannabis, Aphria Inc. Canopy Growth, and Cronos Group, along with the Cannabis Council of Canada (C3) are looking to launch the program across more than 200 retail locations in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario. The program will supply stores with countertop collection boxes which will then be picked up by Quantum Lifecycle Partners, a Canadian electronic recycling provider.


Scientists have found a way to get rid of compounds that deposit on surfaces from third hand cannabis smoke


Although there’s nothing quite like the stale smell that remains after smoking tobacco, weed smoke also deposits compounds on surfaces that new research suggests can be reduced by ozone, which is found in both indoor and outdoor air.

Plenty is known about second- and third-hand smoke (THS) — which are reactive chemicals that remain in the air or are deposited on surfaces like walls, windows, clothing and upholstery, respectively — from tobacco. The same cannot be said for cannabis smoke, which is less studied and chemically distinct from tobacco smoke.


Is There A Path For The Weed Industry To Go Organic? Yes. Here's How It Can Happen

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Organic standards can be established, whether or not cannabis is legal at the federal level.

Those standards won’t be federally regulated, but they can exist separately from legalization.

There are many examples of organic standards being in place for other products, so there’s nothing stopping the cannabis industry from getting started right now.


Low-Dose Cannabis Gains In Popularity In Europe

Cannabis has been popular in Europe for a very long time.

While it’s unclear when cannabis consumption first became popular in Europe, it’s as popular today as ever before.


What to Look for in a Cannabis Delivery Service

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Cannabis delivery is finally becoming available across the country, but despite this being many a-weed smokers’ dream, the service is still new and a little difficult to navigate. Some delivery services seem a little iffy, or not entirely trustworthy, while others seem to only cater to customers that are willing to shell out exorbitant amounts of money for the privilege of having weed delivered directly to their door.

Every service is a little bit different, so choosing the right one can take a little time and trial and error. To help you find the right weed delivery service for your needs, we’ve created this simple guide featuring tips for selecting a reputable delivery service to make your weed delivery dreams a reality.


The Long Road to Researching Cannabis

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Is cannabis safe for pregnant women to use?

Is there a danger to secondhand cannabis smoke?

Does cannabis use clash with other medications?

All of these are fairly straightforward questions which should be straightforward to study, but not in the nascent grey industry that is legal cannabis.

Scientifically speaking, we know more about the effects of cow flatulence on the atmosphere than the effects of cannabis on the human body.

If the cannabis industry is to ever be taken seriously on the international stage, there’s a desperate need for research from respected scientists and doctors and less anecdotal input from Jeff the Budtender.


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