APPlife Digital Solutions, Inc. announces opening of hemp and CBD products e-commerce site "Global Hemp Service"

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APPlife Digital Solutions, Inc. ( ALDS) (“APPlife”, the Company”), a business incubator and portfolio manager that invests in and creates e-commerce and cloud-based solutions is pleased to announce that the Global Hemp Service LLC (“Global”) web site has recently completed its extended beta period and is now a fully-functioning e-commerce platform that offers an extensive line of hemp and CBD related products including those for personal, home, beauty, organic, and industrial uses.

“We are excited to see the products being offered by Global Hemp Service becoming more prominently featured in daily use around the world. Hemp is a game-changer for its benefits to our climate. APPlife is proud to have been the lead investor in this project and hope to see it flourish in the coming months,” stated Matthew Reid, CEO of APPLife.

"It is our mission at Global Hemp Service to unify hemp stakeholders and support the category growth in all industries where hemp can be applied. The challenge isn't how to make a better world, it’s to make it happen now. Our focus on hemp is the most intelligent decision for us to do our part and reach a sustainable society within a few years," said Paul Iglesia, founder and president of Global Hemp Services LLC.

The team at Global understands that humanity is need of both environmental and societal transformations and while our current resources might be enough, the way we consume them is not sustainable. While cures for these challenges are complicated and will take time, effort, and energy, Global believes part of the cure is a simple plant, created by nature itself, named cannabis, most commonly known as hemp. It’s been interacting with humans all over the planet and the course of history from ancient writings and customs to the present days. There are hundreds of thousands of people all over the planet working with hemp, consuming hemp in their diet, their products, their habitat, and their farms.

Together, APPlife and Global believe that hemp’s diverse applications and attributes could be valuable components in achieving numerous global sustainability goals, some of which include:

  • being a SuperFood that is a good source for proteins, Omega 3’s, fatty acids, fiber, minerals & vitamins, antioxidants and more
  • utilizing less water than comparable crops and requires no pesticides or chemicals
  • creating CBD medicine that can help with several different disease and conditions such as heart health, cancers, diabetes, pain relief, anxiety, arthritis, and addiction
  • being an ideal renewable energy resource (biofuels, graphene, bio pellets, pyrolysis, supercapacitor) that can be grown in any region and is biodegradable, sustainable and durable
  • as one of the most versatile plants that can be used for industry, infrastructure, and innovation such as concrete, fiber board, steel replacements, composites, and bioplastics

Early last year, APPlife announced that it had signed a definitive agreement with Global providing it with a perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive license to use APPlife’s market-ready and mobile website e-commerce platform to market, distribute, and sell its hemp, cannabidiol and other related B2B and B2C products. In return, Global is paying APPlife a fee of 2.5% of its gross revenues, distributed on a quarterly basis. APPlife has also received 15% of the outstanding and fully diluted shares of Global with an option to acquire controlling interest upon Global reaching certain revenue benchmarks


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