fbpx Clinical studies support Charlotte's Web CBD Clinic™ topicals as safe for massage and frequent use

Clinical studies support Charlotte's Web CBD Clinic™ topicals as safe for massage and frequent use

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Leading Massage Franchise Appoints New Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Studies indicate CBD Clinic™ hemp topicals for massage do not irritate, or penetrate into the bloodstream, after high-frequency, repeated use such as in massage therapy

Charlotte’s Web Holdings, Inc. (“Charlotte’s Web,” “CW” or the “Company”), the market leader in full-spectrum hemp extract CBD products, today announced results from a series of clinical research studies on frequent use of Charlotte’s Web CBD Clinic™ branded topicals in regular and hot stone massage.

The studies included:
  1. Clinical Safety Testing (CBD Clinic™ Relax Massage Cream) – Repeated Insult Patch test
  2. Clinical Safety Testing (CBD Clinic™ Relax Massage Cream) – A five-week 60 subject clinical study

The research found that high-frequency repeated use, typical with massage therapists, of Charlotte’s Web CBD Clinic™ massage products did not lead to systemic absorption of cannabinoid metabolites in the bloodstream, nor did the products cause skin irritation.

An expert opinion paper was prepared based on the studies’ findings [“Expert Opinion on the Safety Profile of CW Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract in the Practice of Massage Therapy”]. The opinion paper was conducted by third-party clinical research organizations, Charlottes Web’s CW Labs division, and a comprehensive literature review. The paper was prepared by Dr. Sherry Bradford, Ph.D. Biochemistry. Dr. Bradford is a former faculty member of University at Buffalo and an editorial board member of The Scientific Federation of Oncology and Cancer (Editor in Chief) and the Journal of Biomolecular Research and Therapy. In the opinion paper, Dr. Bradford found:

“The scientific data and research performed on the safety and skin permeation of Charlotte’s Web CBD Clinic™ hemp topical products support safe repeated use by MTs [massage therapists], for massage clients, and in normal (heat generated from friction only) and hot stone (additional heat applied) massages.”

Charlotte’s Web, a certified B Corporation, is committed to building a responsible, science-driven and transparent industry for those seeking access to safe, high-quality hemp wellness products. These clinical studies are among many formal scientific investigations supported by the Company’s CW Labs division.

“These research findings and expert opinion add to the growing body of evidence-based research for Charlotte’s Web CBD Clinic topical products,” said Tim Orr, President of Charlotte’s Web R&D division, CW Labs. 

“Massage therapists can be confident they’re working with some of the safest, highest-quality hemp CBD products when they choose CBD Clinic by Charlotte’s Web.”

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