Can Girl Scouts sell cookies outside marijuana dispensaries?

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A mom and a daughter were reportedly seen selling cookies outside a Tempe dispensary on Thursday, Girl Scout Arizona Cactus-Pine said that's not allowed

Are Girl Scouts allowed to sell cookies outside of pot dispensaries? 

The Girl Scouts Arizona Cactus-Pine, which oversees the troops in Central and Northern Arizona, said that practice is not allowed.

“Our policy is that girls cannot sell in or in front of any establishment that they themselves cannot patronize or enter,” said Felicia Thompson, Sr. Director of Marketing and Communications.


“I was a little surprised to see them,” she said.

“But I think it’s genius; you can make a lot of money.”

Danielle, a former Girl Scout, said she bought four boxes from the pair as she walked outside the dispensary because she wanted to support them.

After sparking a conversation with them, Danielle claims the mother acknowledged she knew they couldn't sell near that business.

“Yeah, they knew… but they said they made good enough money and sold enough boxes that it was worth it to be out there,” Danielle said.

Not everyone sees a problem with selling cookies outside dispensaries. 

Scott Carabajal said when she grows up, he would be in favor of his daughter selling cookies outside dispensaries.

“I don’t think there’s nothing wrong with it,” he said.

“They have security there, so if something happens, you have someone that is armed and would be able to help.”

Carabajal argues if grocery stores sell alcohol, then marijuana shouldn’t be treated differently.

“I think we should have a little more leniency towards certain things [like] when it comes to cannabis and marijuana,” the father added.

Troops don’t have to get permission where they will set up a booth, but they must follow a list of approved locations, Thompson said.

Girl Scout booths can be seen on this map the organization set up to track selling points.

“I can understand the concern, but this was her mom with her, and I don’t think her mom would put her in a dangerous situation, so having them out in front of a dispensary, I think, it’s a really smart idea,” Danielle said.

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