Romeo Ferraris racing with new hemp fibre bodywork at Pau Arnos

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Romeo Ferraris has introduced a new innovation on its Alfa Romeo Giulias racing in the ETCR using a new hemp fibre body work for the last round of the season at Pau Arnos.

“We were looking at ways to innovate and add new technologies, also adding to a better sustainability for the environment,” team manager Antonio Caruccio told TouringCarTimes.

“The hemp fibre is as light and as robust as carbon fibre, with the performance in terms of safety and shock absorption still high. Teams have used carbon fibre for decades, which is light, robust and does a good job, but there are other materials that add for a greener production of the cars.”

The introduction of the new material for the bodywork caused the Giulias to have to go through the homologation process once again.

“We had to perform new crash tests and the new material performed within the same accepted deltas of the carbon fibre,” Caruccio concluded. “We hope that other manufacturers and teams will soon follow up our example and introduce this innovation.”

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