Hemp farming challenges projected to give way to growth

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Eustis, Florida — 21 years oldst-Century greenhouse, for ancient crops. In the case of Glen Treadwell Treadwell farm, The crop is hemp.

“I like the idea that it can be done all year round,” he said. “It’s a plant that catches you.”

His family has been farming in Florida for over a century, but recently hemp has been added.

“It’s one of the hardest plants to grow,” he said. “You need to have the right process, and that’s what we had to learn, people taught us, and we treat it to others I’m trying to teach you the right way. “

Jamie Treadwell is Glenn’s daughter and a member of the next generation of treadwell farmers.

“We have over 50 acres of production,” she said of the hemp crop. “We grow at times when we can’t grow elsewhere in the country.”

After plunging into the national agricultural scene a few years ago, hemp production has declined. But that is expected to change, and the US hemp market is projected to triple from the current $ 5.6 billion annually to $ 17.4 billion by 2027.

The top 10 states of hemp cultivation include Colorado, Arizona, California, Kentucky, Michigan, New York, Florida, Oregon, Illinois, and North Carolina.

In Florida, where citrus is the king, state agricultural officials predict that hemp cultivation will grow from 22,078 acres today to 300,000 acres by 2025, halving the area of ​​citrus fruits in the state within the next four years. Say you are.

“We have been known for growing citrus fruits in recent years, but unfortunately greening and other viruses have dramatically reduced citrus production,” said Holly Bell of the Florida Ministry of Agriculture. ..

Hemp may help fill the gap, Bell said State Agricultural Department Cannabis Director, Fresh From Florida Hemp program is overseen.

“We have what’s regulated, monitored and tested throughout the system, making it safe for consumers to consume,” said Bell, the state’s rigorous hemp testing program.

That’s why, in that program, Treadwell Farms not only grows cannabis, but also goes into the production of cannabis products, taking place in previous citrus processing facilities.

“The earrings I wear are made of linen and my jeans are made of 50 percent linen,” said Jammie Treadwell. “We are working with a few entrepreneurs who are using it as a source of more renewable animal bedding. There are so many possibilities.”

They may want the family to be rewarded.

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