Cannabis seltzers: Here’s what you need to know

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Weed drinks have been taking off, but many would say they’re still not at the same level as other cannabis products. Vapes, edibles and stronger batches of cannabis flower have been selling well in the U.S. (and elsewhere) for a variety of users, from newbies to experienced cannabis consumers.

Cannabis drinks stand in an awkward place; while there’s a growing interest in a “California sober” lifestyle, a lot of people don’t get why they should drink cannabis from a can when they can consume it in other more traditional ways. The weedy flavour sometimes associated with the drinks may also be tough to get used to.

It’s not a given that replacing a cannabis gummy or a joint with a cannabis drink is an ideal solution. These drinks provide a different effects, something that’s much more light than what edibles are known for.

The makers of Cann seltzer told INSIDER that they wanted to create a cannabis drink that people could consume in social situations, containing between two and four milligrams of THC. With some CBD in the mix, the drink’s experience is one that Cann describes as a plateau instead of a spike.

Not all cannabis drinks are the same; some have higher amounts of THC and can produce more powerful results.

Still, when comparing cannabis drinks to other forms of consuming cannabis, drinks are more consistent and less surprising than edibles. Drinks have an effect right after drinking, being absorbed through the bloodstream via the mouth, esophagus and stomach.

If a person needs a weedy comparison, some might equate drinking a cannabis beverage with the effect of smoking a joint, where the high become clear soon after consumption.

“If anyone asks us, ‘How high does this get me?’ — it’s the strength of light beer or glass of wine, but instead of getting drunk, you are high,” said Luke Anderson, co-founder of Cann seltzer.

It’s only fairly recently that cannabis companies have started to successfully incorporate cannabis into drinks. These drinks have had a tough time taking off, especially since cannabinoids such as THC and CBD can be difficult to infuse into substances that do not contain fat.

Canna drinks have had a bit of success with new technology, but it’s a growing market that will, hopefully, develop a faithful set of followers once there is greater variety and accessibility.


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