The Bob Marley Museum in Jamaica is getting a cannabis retail store

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In 1987, Bob Marley’s former home in Kingston, Jamaica was converted into a museum by his wife, Rita Marley.

The museum displays Marley’s personal artifacts and treasures, and the property also features a theatre, photo gallery and record and gift shop.

It will also soon be home to the first Marley Natural dispensary.

Marley Natural, in collaboration with Docklight Brands, announced the flagship retail store earlier this week. The Marley family and Docklight Brands hold exclusive global rights to Bob Marley cannabinoid products.

“It is incredibly meaningful to have the first Marley Natural dispensary in the world at the Bob Marley Museum,” said Damian Marano, CEO of Docklight. “This unique cannabis experience will bring to life the ethos of Bob Marley,” Marano added.

The store will carry cannabis and CBD products from the Marley Natural line, as well as accessories. And while the site has received conditional approval from Jamaica’s Cannabis Licensing Authority, guests will need a doctor’s note to purchase cannabis products for therapeutic purposes.

“Along with music, herb was such an important part of my father’s life. He was always a strong advocate for marijuana and all of its healing qualities. We are thrilled to honour him and his contribution to the world of music, and now cannabis, at the Bob Marley Museum,” said Stephen Marley.

The store is scheduled to open later this year, with additional locations planned at Kingston’s Tuff Gong Studio and elsewhere on the island. Marley Natural locations are also planned for North America.

One of the most successful musicians of all time, Marley was decades ahead when it comes to cannabis advocacy.

“In Jamaica, my family has long been advocating about the medicinal benefits of marijuana and its many pathways to treatment well before its medical and recreational legalization into the U.S.,” Rohan Marley, who is working to open a dispensary of his own in New Jersey, said in 2019.

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