The Future Of Cannabis Is Do-It-Yourself Technology

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For many years cannabis consumption methods were fairly rudimentary.

The most common forms of cannabis consumption were typically a hand-rolled joint or a common smoking pipe.

Cannabis consumed in edible form was fairly rare, and more often than not involved brownies, cookies, or other sweet treats.

Cannabis topicals were extremely rare for most consumers and cannabis concentrates were often scarce.

When people could find concentrates, there wasn’t a lot of variety.

Cannabis prohibition drastically limited what types of products were available for consumers, and equally as important, limited the spread of knowledge regarding how consumers could make their own products.

As the legal cannabis industry continues to spread across the globe, the selection of products has increased exponentially where legal markets operate.

More Variety

Consumers can now obtain vape pen cartridges with very narrowly tailored levels of cannabinoids sourced from specific types of genetics.

They can also obtain transdermal patches that are designed to slowly release cannabinoids into a person’s system throughout the day.

Cannabis flower is still widely available and cannabis is certainly still consumed via more ‘traditional’ methods such as joints and bongs.

However, the average cannabis consumer is getting more sophisticated with every passing week, and entrepreneurs are stepping up to meet the evolving needs of consumers.

As time goes on, more and more consumers are looking to cultivate their own cannabis and create their own products, and that creates unique opportunities for innovators.

Do-It-Yourself Cannabis

Cultivating cannabis can be an extremely rewarding activity.

Anyone that has cultivated their own cannabis will be quick to tell you how interesting the hobby can be.

Sure, there can be some heartaches as well when a person’s crop dies or doesn’t reach its full potential, but if the cultivator keeps things in perspective, overall, cultivation is an enjoyable thing.

In the future more consumers will want to cultivate their own cannabis.

They will also seek to convert their harvests into various forms of consumables, especially edibles and concentrates.

Consumers that fit that description will turn to home-based cultivation technology and do-it-yourself inventions geared towards creating cannabis-infused foods and concentrates.

That creates a tremendous opportunity for innovators that can harness technology in a way that makes creating cannabis products at home easy, affordable, and safe.

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