Gwyneth Paltrow invests in LA-based cannabis beverage company

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What is being touted as the first cannabis-infused social tonic has received a funding injection from A-listers ranging from actors to athletes in a bid to make social tonics socially acceptable.

Los Angeles-based Cann is welcoming celebrity power players Gwyneth Paltrow, Rebel Wilson, Ruby Rose, Darren Criss, Baron Davis, Tove Lo, Casey Neistat and Bre-Z, among others, to help advance its mission “to revolutionize the way consumers socialize by offering better-for-you alternatives to alcohol and other vice products,” according to the U.S. purveyor of cannabis-infused social tonics.

With more than 2 million cans sold since the brand’s inception last year, the non-alcoholic drink is designed to deliver a similar buzz to a glass of wine or beer. The product contains two mg of THC and four mg of CBD, “providing a microdose of cannabis for approachable, controllable consumption,” Cann claims. Beyond that, the social tonic aims to offer fun without the calories or unwelcome hangover.

Company co-founder Luke Anderson says the product was created for consumers who “are new to the cannabis industry and looking to moderate or reduce their alcohol consumption.”

“To have taste-making celebrities who don’t have a ‘stoner’ identity attached to their personal brands wanting to help us spread this message to a mass consumer base is a game-changer for Cann, and a sign for how this industry will evolve in the coming years,” Anderson suggests.

The support provided by the celebrity investors offers Cann a great opportunity to achieve “its overall goal of normalizing cannabis consumption and breaking down stigmas within the industry,” the company statement notes. Cann recently closed on a US$5 million seed-funding round.

The brand is available at dispensaries in California, Nevada and Rhode Island, and has plans to add four more states to the roster in the next six months. / Photo: DrinkCann, Instagram / Photo: Cann, Instagram

Oscar-winner Paltrow, who founded wellness and lifestyle brand goop in 2008, brings much to the table in terms of followers and name recognition. She has 7.5 million Instagram followers, Goop has 1.5 million Instagram followers and there are 2.5 million listeners to her monthly podcast, according to a CNBC article.

Paltrow calls cannabis a “hero ingredient of the future” for wellness, CNBC reports. She was drawn to the drinks as an appealing alternative to alcohol. “Cann sits at the intersection of two powerful trends we’ve been monitoring at goop for some time: the ‘sober curious’ and ‘cannabis curious’ movements,” she says in the company statement.

Actor and comedian Rebel Wilson of Pitch Perfect and Cats fame suggest that the product “is perfect when you’re having a dinner party or a few friends over and you want to serve an adult drink that is also healthy and has natural ingredients.”

Pointing out that Cann is queer-founded, diverse and currently has a team with about 50 per cent-plus representation from women and more than a third from people of colour, that was enough to sell actress and model Ruby Rose on the brand. “For me, it was an easy decision to invest,” Rose says.

The brand is available at dispensaries in California, Nevada and Rhode Island, and has plans to add four more states to the roster in the next six months.

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