How Legalizing Marijuana Could Impact Mexico's Tourism

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Stock up on the Pringles and the candy bars – Mexico is on the verge of legalizing the recreational use and commercialization of marijuana.

In a story published on Friday, Ricardo Monreal, leader of the ruling Morena party in the Senate, told Reuters News Service that he expected a law legalizing the recreational use of pot and allowing regulated private companies to sell it to be approved before December.

Monreal added that the ruling party, which leads a coalition with a majority in both houses of Congress, is unlikely to have problems passing the law which he said would make it legal to carry a “certain amount” of marijuana.

The move is expected to open not only a new lucrative market for pot entrepreneurs but also for marijuana tourism.

Travel advisors are intrigued by the development.

“Wow, I haven't heard this at all but I think it’s great,” Tyson Wharton, owner of Sioux Empire Travel, told TravelPulse. “I think legalizing will help Mexico's economy and could greatly help with any Cartel and gang violence and disputes. I guess it’s the same for the U.S. legalizing. As far as travelers go, I think it will definitely bring in tourism who may not have the opportunity to partake in the activity at home.”

Miguel ángel Navarro, also a Morena senator and president of the upper house’s health committee, acknowledged that lawmakers had no option but to legalize the recreational use of marijuana by December. The Supreme Court originally set an April 2020 deadline for legalization but extended it to December 15 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Travel agent Tammy Levent touched on this subject in her column for TravelPulse back in June, noting that marijuana is becoming legal in many locations around the world and more travelers are contacting agents to learn more about pot-friendly destinations.

Noting that travel advisors must be well-versed that such destinations are safe and to offer their clients complete guidance for this type of vacation.

“A few recreational destinations that are popular right now in the U.S. include Colorado, Washington, Alaska, Nevada, California and Vermont. Some suggested U.S.-based rental options include the Blue Sky Ranch in Black Hawk, Colorado, the Sonshine House located just outside of Olympia, Washington, and Bear Creek Lodge in Hope, Alaska,” Levent wrote. “A few international recreational destinations that are popular right now include Canada, Lisbon, Portugal, Uruguay, Jamaica, Freetown Christiania, Copenhagen Tel Aviv, Israel and, of course, Amsterdam.”

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