fbpx Jamaica's first resort-based medicinal cannabis dispensary opens in Negril

Jamaica's first resort-based medicinal cannabis dispensary opens in Negril

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The first resort-based medicinal cannabis dispensary in Jamaica, HedoWeedo, has opened in Negril with high-end cannabis making its way to the island's west coast.

HedoWeedo, which is independently owned and operated, is located within the Hedonism II resort, but not part of the all-inclusive experience. Hedonism II, a pioneer in Jamaica's hospitality industry, says it is thrilled to welcome HedoWeedo within its locale.

Curated by the longest-running dispensary on Denver's famous Green Mile, HedoWeedo specialises in high-end craft cannabis with products ranging from joints to flowers to oils, all locally cultivated by licensed farmers.

HedoWeedo says its mission is to promote the well-being of its customers by providing expert, personalised service, while offering a safe and comfortable environment to enjoy top-quality Jamaican cannabis.

HedoWeedo clients, who may include but are not limited to Hedonism II resort guests, will enjoy a unique, world-class dispensary, which the company promises “will far exceed the expectations of novice and experienced medicinal cannabis users alike”.

Operating under and in compliance with Jamaica's cannabis laws, a medical card is required to buy. Guests may obtain a card through the on-site doctor, a registered physician in Jamaica, or bring one from their home country.

Persons may only possess up to two ounces at a time and purchases will be tracked by a point of sale system, down to the 0.01 of a gram. The dispensary is open daily, 11: 00 am – 11:00 pm, and is cash-only.

While smoking is permitted in designed areas throughout the resort, all rooms and suites will remain non-smoking.

A HedoWeedo therapeutic spa is also in the works and will debut in the coming months offering cannabis-based massage treatments.

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