Arkensas marijuana sales total $4.01 million

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In the 82 days since medical marijuana sales began in Arkansas, the six open dispensaries have sold a total of 574 pounds of marijuana, earning a total of $4.01 million, the Department of Finance and Administration announced today. (That averages, I think, to nearly $49,000 a day, but check my math.)

Here’s the rundown by most product sold (though not averaged over days open):

Green Springs Medical, opened May 12, Hot Springs, 305.15 pounds.

Doctors Order’s, opened May 10, Hot Springs, 104.25 pounds

Native Green Wellness, opened July 2, Hensley, 64.40 pounds

Arkansas Natural Products, opened June 20, Clinton, 48.89 pounds

Fiddler’s Green, opened July 11, Mountain View, 26.50 pounds

Greenlight Dispensary, opened June 27, Helena-West Helena, 25.11 pounds.

Greenlight and Green Springs both offer drug delivery.

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