Buried Treasure: Man discovers 1.4 kilos of cannabis on seabed of the Mediterranean

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While diving early Monday morning, a man found 1.4 kilos of cannabis on the seabed outside Latchi, Cyprus. Some might consider this buried treasure, it adds to the growing issue of drug trafficking in recent months around various Cyprus shorelines

Police reported that they were contacted by the man about a ‘suspicious package’, which he had brought to shore. Inside the nylon bag, there were six packages of what appeared to be cannabis. The police turned the package over to YKAN, their anti-narcotics force for further testing.

This discovery adds to the growing trend of illicit cannabis found floating, and now buried, in the sea surrounding Cyprus. In April police found 30 kilos of hashish, a concentrated form of cannabis, in the sea by Amakas. This incident happened just days after 28 kilos of cannabis was found floating off the shore of Peyia.

According to police, as reported by KNews, both packages were sealed ‘professionally’ and appeared to have been done in a similar manner. There is no news yet on if the cannabis found in Latchi was packaged in the same manner. 

Police have not confirmed if any of the incidents are related, though they are investigating the Akamas and Peyia events together.

Cyprus recently legalized medical cannabis in February of 2019, patients will be able to access medical cannabis through their pharmacy as long as they have a prescription.

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