Malta: Gana aims to combine artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to transform the medical cannabis industry

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GANA AI will be capable of clustering similar groups of mobile app users to verify a statistical hypothesis. Research data will also be acquired by GANA from surveys, labs, communities, and academic sources and inputted into the GANA AI. Data will be hashed and posted to the Ethereum blockchain for assurance of data integrity.

Hashed data also allows for the tracking and identification of corrupted or malicious data, allowing for transparent, third-party auditing of GANA AI's network performance and accuracy.

"We will collect statistics from the participants of our ecosystem, both from patients and from medical and research institutions," said Lee, "This way, we will be able to put together as broad and unbiased a sample as possible and maintain objectivity. All the AI data and conclusions will be additionally verified through feedback. This will allow us to create a completely controlled environment in which user data is reliably protected.  All information flowing into our system will go through the blockchain."

Understanding consumer behavior is essential for providing a daily health care personal assistant service. As the legalization of recreational marijuana expands, the number of users who consume cannabis for therapy is also increasing.

Accordingly, the need for reliable daily health care and therapy recommendations is also increasing. The GANA mobile application will act as a bridge that will satisfy the evolving needs of medical cannabis users.

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