Canada: Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation unveils rendering of new pot shops

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The designs for 12 Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC) cannabis shops were released on Monday by the organization’s President and CEO, Bret Mitchell.

Eleven of the cannabis shops will be located within NSLC locations, which will undergo $500,000 renovations to accommodate the shops-within-a-shop. One vacant store in Halifax will reopen as the sole cannabis-only store in the province.

Based on the renderings, the shops are well-lit with white walls featuring a few punches of bright colours. There will be a wall of weed boxes behind the cash registers that will display the products.

“We have what I consider a modern, bright, really merchandise-intense full-service environment which we are going to roll in July,” said Mitchell.

Tim Pellerin, the NSLC’s Senior Vice-President and Chief Operations Officer said that they are still in the process of choosing their suppliers but to start will offer 150 different types of products.

The NSLC cannabis shops will offer prepackaged buds, pre-rolled joints, cannabis oil, gel caps, accessories, papers, vaporizers, grinders and lockable storage devices.

A strict 19-plus policy will be in effect at all NSLC locations with cannabis shops inside. While minors are currently allowed into the liquor stores if accompanied by an adult, they will not be allowed to even look at the cannabis. The pot shops will feature opaque walls that separate them from the rest of the liquor store and a concierge will control the entry and exit in and out of the shops.

The NSLC also announced their Corporate Social Responsibility program on Monday in conjunction with the new shops, including their 5 tenets of “Cannabis-Need-to-Know”. The tenets will be posted in the shops to remind customers about safe cannabis use. The tenets are:

  • 19-plus
  • Low and slow
  • Separate is best
  • Store securely
  • Get home safely

Though the exact date for legalization has not been set by the federal government, the NSLC says they will be ready to open their stores by the summer.

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