Uruguay regulates legal marijuana program with Integrated Biometrics fingerprint scanners

A controversial legal marijuana distribution program is underway in Uruguay, with Integrated Biometrics‘ fingerprint scanners enabling a range of government-imposed limitations, as well as allowing for user anonymity.

Planning for the program began in the South American nation of 3.4 million people in 2014, when former President José Mujica singed a bill to legalize recreational use of marijuana, in limited amounts, by Uruguayan citizens. The bill, which gives the government control of every aspect of the marijuana trade from production through distribution, was aimed at reducing crime associated with the drug trade, and other social benefits, but has been contentious both domestically and internationally.

The program roll-out is now fully complete. While it has been plagued by setbacks, the technical aspect has been completely successful, Integrated Biometrics Senior Director for Latin America Jim Bell told Biometric Update in an exclusive interview.

Like most government projects, the cost was a factor in the...

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