Montana health department drafts dozens of new medical marijuana rules

The state health department released a pack of proposed rules for the medical marijuana industry, which will be the subject of a public hearing later this month.

The rules provide new information about how the industry would be regulated in areas like employment, product tracking and testing, security and fees. They focus on the production, sales and testing side of the business rather than patients.

Health department spokesman Jon Ebelt said in an email that DPHHS took input from the Montana industry and researched practices in "all states" that have marijuana programs.

Twenty-nine states have legalized recreational or medical marijuana. Ebelt said they provided blueprints, especially for more intensive parts of the Montana program like testing.

"In regards to testing protocols and standards, we have researched other states’ practices, reached out to testing labs across the nation, and worked with marijuana testing labs in Montana to develop this part of...

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