Montana: Medical marijuana tax rakes in $300k in first quarter

Montana medical marijuana providers paid about $300,000 in taxes for the first quarter, which ended in September.

The tax was the first of its kind on the Montana medical marijuana industry, which is seeing a resurgence in enrollment after the passage of more comprehensive regulatory laws this spring.

About 315 providers made tax payments at 4 percent on their gross sales receipts.

"It works out to be about $7.5 million in gross revenues," said Mary Ann Dunwell, spokeswoman for the Montana Department of Revenue.

Dunwell said that most providers paid an average of $800 in taxes for that first quarter. But a few of the larger providers had large tax bills.

One provider brought $30,000 in cash to the revenue department in Helena, Dunwell said.

The department received a mix of cash and electronic payments. There was speculation on how much cash the revenue department would have to process, because...

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