Maine: Residents say they support retail marijuana sales

By a nearly 2-to-1 margin, midcoast residents oppose the prohibition of recreational marijuana retail shops, social clubs, commercial cultivation, and other operations in Damariscotta, though a majority of respondents favor regulations, such as a limit on the number of business licenses and zoning.

For the past month, the town of Damariscotta has been soliciting feedback on how, if at all, the town should regulate recreational marijuana-related businesses through an 18-question survey. The survey was posted on the town’s website and in its email newsletter, and paper copies were available at the town office.

On Tuesday, Town Manager Matt Lutkus sent an email to the Damariscotta Board of Selectmen containing the results of the survey. Of the 235 responses the town received, 150 respondents identified themselves as residents of Damariscotta. The survey results of Damariscotta residents and all respondents were almost identical.

Of the 235 people who answered the question about...

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