Colorado cannabis sales reach $1 billion in eight months

Marijuana sales are through the roof in Colorado, and the numbers are escalating quickly: In 2017 it took just eight months to reach the lauded billion-dollar mark, while in 2016 it took 10 months.

Cannabis retailers recorded $1.02 billion in recreational and medicinal sales through August. Year to date sales went up 21 percent from the first eight months of 2016, when the total came in at $846.5 million.This year, the taxes from total sales will equal more than $162 million in taxes and fees for Colorado’s treasury, which means great things for the state, its schools and other programs.

In August alone, sales of cannabis itself, concentrates, edibles and the accessories to ingest them with all equaled out to almost $137 million, a little over $100 million of which came from recreational sales, while the rest of the money was comprised of medical marijuana sales.

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