Medical marijuana is about to become more accessible in Malta

Malta’s law regulating medical marijuana is about to become less restricted, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has announced. 

“Cabinet will start discussing changes to the law regulating medical marijuana in November,” Muscat told a media briefing yesterday. “It is only when we update the law on medical marijuana that we’ll start discussing possible legalisation for personal use.”

Medical marijuana was first regulated in the drug reform of 2015 but, with so many restrictions on its prescription, not a single Maltese patient has yet been treated with it.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has pledged looser laws regulating medical marijuana

As it stands, patients who want access to medical marijuana must be prescribed the drug by either an oncologist, a neurologist, a psychologist or an anaesthesiologist as well as permission from the Superintendence of Public Health. 

However, this is a moot point in itself because the only form of medical cannabis which has...

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