Kosher medical marijuana approved in Canada, just in time for high holidays

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The first kosher certification for medical marijuana in Canada has been awarded to a Quebec company, the Canadian Jewish News reported Tuesday.

The Ottawa Vaad HaKashrut certification agency will place its mark on cannabis buds, powders and oils produced by the Hydropothecary Corporation of Gatineau.

The agency’s director, Rabbi Levy Teitlebaum, praised his organization’s joint effort with the medical organization.

“This is a rigorous, independent, third-party certification process that goes from A to Z,” Teitlebaum said in a statement. “Hydrothecary’s products not only qualify, but certification is gladly given because it’s important for what’s needed in this new sector.”

However, Teitelbaum was blunt when addressing the prospect of certifying recreational marijuana, which will be legal in Canada next year.

“Medical products required for health and well-being are eligible for kosher certification,” he said. “With legalization of marijuana for recreational use, however, we will have to consider...

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