Why Israel seems more cannabis-forward abroad than at home

Israel is frequently lauded as a cannabis haven. It’s something you see on the streets of Tel Aviv, some corners of which seem like the Middle East’s very own Venice Beach. On Friday afternoons before Shabbat, the Jewish sabbath, a drum circle congregates on the north side of the Dolphinarium, a muraled haven born from the ashes of a bombed out discotheque, overlooking the Mediterranean waves. Next, enter Shuk HaCarmel, a chaotic outdoor market of vendors yelling over each other in Hebrew, of psytrance blasting from kiosks, of dreadlocked Israeli hippies beckoning you to sell cheap bling, and if you ask the right way, maybe some cheap bud.

Rife with graffiti, grunge, and ganj, you need not go far before finding yourself in a skunky haze. In fact, Israelis smoke a lot of weed. By global standards, Israel is one of the most 420-friendly countries — meaning that around ...

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