Legal marijuana in Canada

As some of you may have seen, back in December I wrote a blog all around the legal marijuana industry in the US. You might be unaware that at around the same time, across the border in Canada, a taskforce was set up to provide recommendations on the outline of a framework for the regulation and legalisation of recreational cannabis in the country. A report was subsequently published which delineated these recommendations, exploring how cannabis should be regulated, minimum age requirements, personal allowance and packaging. 


Canada has allowed legal access to dried marijuana for medicinal purposes since the implementation of the ‘Marihuana Medical Access Regulations’ (MMAR) in 2001. Yet it took until 2015 for discussions to surface regarding legalising it for recreational use. This occurred after the Liberal party won the Canadian federal election in October 2015, with the new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announcing that discussions would take...

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