Malta Legalises Synthetic Cannabis Oil, But Natural Version Still Banned

They've also announced the cost of the regular and strong versions.

The Medicines Authority has licensed a synthetic form of a hemp-based oil used to treat chronic pain, but has continued to block its natural version. 

Andrew Agius, a family doctor who runs the Pain Clinic in Paola, was informed by the Medicines Authority yesterday that it had agreed to license a synthetic form of CBD oil - a herbal remedy containing cannabidiol (CBD), one of two main active ingredients derived from cannabis.

Yet patients can only obtain this synthetic oil legally from the Lantern Pharmacy in Santa Venera and must first be prescribed it by a specific oncologist - namely Nick Refalo, a failed PN candidate in the last general election.

It will also cost a pretty penny - 20ml of the oil that is 5% synthetic CPD will cost €700, while the same volume of the oil that...

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