Ballot Measure 'Typo' Could Cost South Dakota's Recreational Marijuana Campaign

A writing error might cost a ballot measure campaign its chances of legalizing recreational marijuana in South Dakota next year.

A marijuana advocacy group has been gathering signatures for four months in support of a ballot measure intended to legalize small amounts of marijuana.

The way the measure is worded, though, it would only legalize marijuana paraphernalia, not the drug itself, according to the state's official interpretation.

The measure's sponsor downplayed the problem as a "typo," one that could be fixed later by the courts or the Legislature. Fixing it before it goes to the ballot would force the group back to the starting line with only four months left to gather new petitions. 

"There is a fix for it, so I'm not concerned about it at all," said Melissa Mentele, director of cannabis advocacy group New Approach South Dakota. "It's just a typo. It's one person's perception of grammar versus another's."

The measure strikes city and county ordinances that...

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