Nevada celebrates newly legalized marijuana with fireworks, weed-themed weddings and long queues

Hundreds of people waited for hours in long queues on the first day recreational marijuana went on sale in the US state of Nevada. 

Tourists joined locals to mark the event as Nevada became the fifth state with stores selling cannabis to the public. 

Veteran consumers, first-time buyers, twenty-something and retirees were among those who defied Los Angeles' hot temperature to get to the stores on the first of the new law. 

Some shops decided to open shortly after midnight, when the law officially came into force. 

Footage on social media shows ribbon-cutting and hundreds of people cheering as the shops selling pot greeted their first customers. 

Under the new law, adults over 21-years-old can now buy up to an ounce of the drug at a time and use it in their homes if they have a valid ID. 

Showrooms were packed with people, ATM's were emptied for cash-only sales and...

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