Cannabis extract could be the first new pharmaceutical treatment for acne in 20 years

Teenagers won’t just be smoking cannabis on the sly in the future — they could be openly smearing it on their face to prevent acne.

Aussie company Botanix is developing the first new acne treatment in 20 years that aims to fight pimples using a synthetic version of cannabidiol.

However, it won’t give teens a high because it uses the nonpsychotropic molecules of cannabis.

Botanix yesterday reported to the Australian Stock Exchange its first safety study on humans of the cannabis compound BTX 1503.

The study found the compound “has an excellent safety profile, with little to no skin irritation and no severe adverse events were recorded”.

The most common adverse effect was skin dryness.

There have been no new pharmaceutical acne treatments in 20 years. Picture: Thinkstock

Botanix executive director Matthew Callahan said phase 2 clinical trials of the treatment will begin...

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