Marijuana market at ease after possible Jeff Sessions' way out

For Marijuana Stocks U.S., Watch the News 

When it comes to marijuana stocks in the U.S., of course you need to be watching the markets to stay abreast of what’s happening in terms of stock prices. But something that can have an equal impact on shares is political news.

While this applies in one form or another to most products in the U.S., it is perhaps most pronounced in the marijuana market, and for good reason. After all, in many states, the drug is still totally illegal, and the majority of states still don’t allow pot as a legal recreational substance. And this makes U.S. political news of particular importance.

Consider Canada, which sent stock prices surging for a brief period after it announced that it would be legalizing all forms of marijuana by July 2018. Of course, the finer details still need to be worked out, but the move was still...

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