Can Cannabis Commerce Go Online?

Though cannabis and its consumption can be a contentious topic, particularly between the U.S. Congress and the sitting attorney general, it is not terribly controversial to note that marijuana and its consumption has gotten much, much more mainstream.

As of the most recent surveys, 60 percent of Americans support marijuana legalization. And that support’s breakdown by age cohort might surprise you some.

Millennials heavily favor legalization at 77 percent — no big shock there — but their baby boomer parents favor it even more heavily, at 81 percent. (Gen-Xers who were dared to stay off drugs during the 1980s still favor legalization in the majority, though less heavily than their parents and younger siblings — and members of the silent and greatest generations remain majority-opposed.)

And as marijuana becomes less the exciting and elicit provenance of hardcore Grateful Dead fans and everyone’s burnout cousin and becomes more the provenance of...

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