Nigeria: Of drug war and marijuana's business value

As the youth grow up, they are warned about the “dangers” of marijuana and other substances. The supposed danger, as echoed by many, is that marijuana makes people become unkempt, irresponsible, lazy and ultimately, running-on-the-streets-naked (that is, madness). Some religious preachers go as far as to say that marijuana users are hell-bound. Since the 1950s, thousands have been jailed; countless properties have been confiscated by the government, and taxpayers’ money has been wasted on the war on drugs in Nigeria, through the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA).

Marijuana is a medical plant grown in various states across the country, mostly in the southwest of Nigeria, where the land is arable and fertile for agriculture. The popular belief is that, the plant was brought into the country by soldiers returning from World War II, who had access to marijuana seed via the Far East and North Africa. When the international...

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