Cyprus begins to distribute medical cannabis

The distribution of medicinal marijuana has begun in Cyprus with doctors across the island having already begun handing out prescriptions for cannabis oil.

As pointed out by Cyprus’ Friends of Cannabis group, cannabis oil is of vital importance to hundreds of patients, from those with serious ailments including cancer to those experiencing minor, everyday complaints such as headaches.

Speaking on behalf of the movement, Petros Evdokas said cannabis oil was being distributed to specific pharmacies in each town.

“Orders are for specific, named, people.  A pharmacy would not have a large amount to hand,” he said.

Evdokas said only ailing people with a doctor’s prescription have access to the product adding that “procedures are watertight and there are very good safeguards in place”.

He noted that while the current law does not mention the necessity of a prescription “the Health Minister [George Pamboridis] quite rightly requested that it

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