What to know about working in marijuana

Nevada’s recreational marijuana industry is expected to bring $1.1 billion in revenue and up to 40,000 jobs over the next eight years, per a 2016 study from Las Vegas-based RCG Economics. While regulations are still being hashed out by the Legislature and Department of Taxation, marijuana businesses foresee potential employees flocking.

What employers look for

Four local marijuana business owners were surveyed, saying that while the new recreational industry will bring more jobs, demand for those openings at dispensaries, production facilities and testing labs is extremely high.

• Loyalty: There may be a lot of applicants, but The+Source Dispensary owner Andrew Jolley said that many seekers of entry-level positions, such as budtenders and desk clerks, don’t meet the most basic and important criterium: loyalty.

“Employees who have had long tenures at previous companies are always looked at favorably because it shows that they’re loyal,” Jolley said. “Beyond that, we look...

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