Tigard doctors educating medical cannabis users through chatbot

As a doctor at Tigard-based American Cannabinoid Clinics, Rachel Knox said her job is taking the guess work out of medical marijuana

“Patients have been using cannabis like throwing darts at the wall,” said Knox. “They hope it lands on that bull’s eye which is their medical condition, whether it's pain or cancer or anything in between.”

That notion was something digital marketing professional Rick Bakas  could relate to. His mother, a medical marijuana patient, has multiple sclerosis.

“It took us about 10 years to find the right cannabis product for her, but once she found it, it changed her life,” said Bakas. “We don't want people to have to take 10 years to find the answer to whatever their ailment is. We want someone to find it in one conversation with ABBI.

ABBI is a new cannabis chatbot. Bakas developed ABBI as an extension of his...

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