Cannabis Legalization In Malta Looking Like A Sure Thing

Malta, a small island country near Italy has had its Labour Government pressing for cannabis reform for quite a while. Pot remains illegal in the country, however, possession of the plant has been largely decriminalized. Prime Minister Joseph Muscat wants to take that one step further through the “regularization” of recreational cannabis use within the country. He and a growing number of federal agencies are looking to conduct a “national discussion” on legalization.

Cannabis “regularization”

Currently, the Maltese can cultivate up to one cannabis plant and possess small amounts with little to no criminal penalties. A survey conducted in 2014 showed that 9 in 10 people believe that small-time pot users should not fact any jail time and more than half of Maltese citizens agree with the recent efforts to decriminalize pot.

Muscat has had his reservations, but he is open to discussing cannabis reform if he is...

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