Medical Marijuana: It's here. It's legal. What Ohio business leaders need to know.

A lot of confusion and misinformation still surrounds the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program, according to state and industry experts.

In March, the Columbus Chamber of Commerce hosted a panel discussion on the business benefits and challenges of Ohio’s medical marijuana law.

House Bill 523 authorized a basic framework — legalized medical marijuana for qualifying medical conditions, but prohibited its use by smoking or combustion — and made Ohio one of 28 states to establish a public medical marijuana program. But it left state agencies to establish specific rules and guidelines.

At this point, the Ohio Department of Commerce, State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy and State Medical Board of Ohio have written seven relevant rule sets. These rules —and all other pertinent information — can be found at

The rules will be finalized by Sept. 8. The state agencies have tried to be transparent and flexible with as...

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