Better know a marijuana stock: Aphria

If investors look around, they'll struggle to find an industry growing faster than legal marijuana.

Data from cannabis research firm ArcView shows that legal pot sales, including medical and recreational marijuana, grew by 34% in North America last year to $6.9 billion. That might sound like a lot, but ArcView also points out that $46.4 billion were conducted in black-market cannabis sales. There's still plenty of opportunity to attract these under-the-table consumers in the years to come, and this shouldn't be too tough with more and more U.S. states legalizing marijuana, and Canada possibly on the precipice of legalizing the drug nationally.

Cannabis buds in a jar sitting atop a pile of cash.

Image source: Getty Images.

However, there's a veritable sea of marijuana stocks for investors to choose from, and with emotions running high, investors may be jumping into these stocks for all the...

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