State Patrol in 2nd Year of Testing Roadside Marijuana Devices

Colorado State Patrol is in the process of adding to its arsenal the tools available to troopers that would confirm the presence of drugs in a driver’s system.

Officers rely on behavioral cues – probable cause – to pull over a driver: speeding up, slowing down, drifting into another lane.  From there, a roadside sobriety test “peels back” the next layer of impairment, much like a drunk driving test.  It’s those visual cues that law enforcement use to prosecute a person’s impairment.

 “You have four legalized states, you’re gonna have four more legalized states in just a few months, and you even have the country of Canada going to legalization,” said CDOT Highway Safety Manager, Glenn Davis.  “We realized that we're probably gonna have a whole lot more customers."

Since marijuana has come out of the shadows, there have been no changes in the way technology confirms an officer’s observations...

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