Growing Cannabis In Malta Could Become Easier If This Proposal Gets Accepted

Growing cannabis in Malta could become easier if the government accepts a proposal being made by a magistrate who handles the bulk of drug cases on the island. 

Magistrate Natasha Sciberras has called for more leniency when it comes to cultivating more than one plant of cannabis if it can be shown that the plants were grown for personal consumption and not with intent to traffic. 

Somebody caught growing more than one cannabis plant in Malta currently faces a mandatory jail term but the magistrate believes the judiciary should have more discretion once it is evident that the cultivation was for personal use. 

She made the proposal at a forum organised by the Justice Ministry last week. According to an article by Orizzont, all those present for the forum agreed with the recommendation, including the police, the chairman of the Rehabilitation Board, the Justice Commissioner, the Attorney General, and representatives of...

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