San Jacinto Council hears passionate marijuana ordinance debate

The San Jacinto City Council meeting April 4 in a public hearing on a proposed marijuana cultivation ordinance brought strong emotional debate between marijuana cultivators, those opposed and a member of the city council.

The continued public hearing on Ordinance 17-02 that is meant to regulate the establishment of commercial marijuana cultivation in the light industrial zone of the city has been an emotional issue before the council since the passage of Proposition 64. Proposition 64 allows the limited cultivation and use of recreational marijuana.

Cities like San Jacinto under the statewide proposition are permitted to make their own rules on the cultivation of marijuana, its distribution and sales outside of the permitted cultivation of six plants in private residences.

Growers of medical marijuana, which has been legal in the state for several years, yet prohibited by federal law, quickly sought out new locations for their farms and distribution centers...

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