The Cannabis Security Industry Helps Marijuana Businesses Fight Crime

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More than three years ago, Noah Stokes was running a security company in Oregon when a nervous medical marijuana grower approached him. "Hey, you guys do security, right," the grower asked Stokes. The man's grow had been robbed. Someone had cut a hole in the ceiling, opened a door and loaded a truck with the harvest of several thousand square feet of grow space.

After a few more conversations with victimized marijuana businesses, Stokes started CannaGuard Security to focus specifically on the cannabis industry. His security firm has grown to have operations in numerous states including California, where state lawmakers have turned to the issue in their effort to start issuing licenses by the beginning of next year. 

Until now, California cities have had to determine their own security requirements for legal pot businesses, but neither the state nor L.A. — the nation's largest market — has regulated it yet. That’s about to change now that...

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