The 'Tesla of Cannabis' Is Opening a Massive, Custom-Built Marijuana Greenhouse

A marijuana cultivator that's been called the "Tesla of cannabis" is bringing the industry out of the darkness and into the light — literally.

Tantalus Labs, which could start selling product as early as 2018, has wrapped construction on a state-of-the-art cultivation site designed to give marijuana plants the benefits of indoor and outdoor growing. The greenhouse lets sunlight pour in, enabling the plants to grow fuller buds faster.

Shafin Diamond, a prominent Canadian angel investor, gave Tantalus Labs the moniker "Tesla of cannabis" because of the company's dedication to pioneering new, sustainable technologies. Like the company behind electric cars and aesthetically appealing solar panels, Tantalus Labs optimizes for environmental stewardship.

tantalus labs SunLab

(Courtesy of Tantalus Labs) 

Marijuana grows well in the outdoors. However, the vast majority of legal cannabis cultivation sites grow their marijuana in...

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